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North Valley Nursing Center rehab therapist and a resident

I’m at North Valley Nursing Center working on rehab to learn to transfer onto my wheelchair. I have made some really great friends here from the Administrator, who is always engaged with us patients and always listens to our concerns with his staff, to our director of nursing, DSD, our activity director, our social services, admissions, marketing, maintenance, supplies, and so many others they meet every morning and addressing patients concerns.

For entertainment we have candlelight dinners every month, arts & crafts, we play games like bingo, dominos, card games, movies, and Bible study. When I leave I will cry. They become like family. You feel the love, they are kind & friendly.

I’ve been here 4 years and 5 months. I do recommend our facility for your loved ones, there is never a dull moment at North Valley Nursing Center.

Kathy G.

5-star, Google Review

Kind and professional staff. The management is striving for the best experience for your loved ones. Great resident activities, nursing, and rehab services.

Jon G.

5-star, Yelp Review

In mid January of 2024 I was in need of an Assisted Care Facility due to a severe motorcycle accident. The bones in my lower right leg were broken and splintered, and my right knee cap was shattered. Unfortunately, the trauma to my leg caused such soft tissue damage and swelling to my leg as well, that the shattered knee and broken bones could not be properly attended to until the swelling subsided. Instead, an External Fixator (metal hardware) was attached to my leg with the intent to stabilize the bones until surgery could be performed on my damaged leg/knee. I was subsequently transported to North Valley Nursing Center to await that swelling reduction process. I’m writing this review to bring attention to the outstanding Nursing staff that I encountered during my stay at North Valley. Not only did I experience the exemplary Nursing skills required for persons within that field of care, the compassion and sincere kindness displayed by my nurses (those who attended to me, personally) remains unmatched. So much so, that I feel the need to mention those who attended to me by name: CONNIE MONTES, MARIA RODRIGUES, KARLA REYES, ABLE LEMUS, ISABEL VARGAS, MARLENE, FIDEL, VANESSA, LORENA, PRISCILLA, YESENIA TATE, TREVOR and CIRMA. Due to my circumstances, I often found myself in embarrassing and humiliating situations, only to be reminded by my care-givers that I was injured, and that I was in need of help, and that, that is what my care takers were there to do: assist me with those things that I could no longer do for myself. The above persons just named, literally, restored my faith in humanity. North Valley is, through my humble experience, a top-notch care facility. It is clean, well provisioned, and staffed with the best, most professional nurses in the business who’s grace and compassion I have yet to encounter elsewhere on this journey. Lastly, I would be amiss were I to not mention the food at North Valley Nursing Center. The food is phenomenal! A big shout out to the culinary staff and whoever is in charge of putting out those meals. Not only were the meals well balanced and nutritious, the meats would, literally, fall off the bones. Delicious! I will close by posting a few pictures of some of the meals. God bless and peace forward. kj.

Kevin “KJ” J.

5-star, Google Review

Amazing nursing staff! Everyone is very friendly and welcoming.

Graciela M.

5-star, Google Review

This is a beautiful nursing center! The staff is amazing as well! My grandma was here and we had a great experience. Thank you.

Billie M.

5-star, Yelp Review

Wonderful staff, great caring nurses. I had my grandma here for 3 months. She came in not walking, and now is better than when she went to the hospital. All thanks to the wonderful staff !!!

Amanda T.

5-star, Google Review

If I could rate 10 stars, I would! Thank you for taking care of my Aunt. She always has wonderful things to say about the staff, the attention she gets, and talks about how clean they keep her room and the facility in general. Every time I visit it’s always a positive experience. You make her comfortable and for that my family and I are so grateful to your team!

Megan M.

5-star, Google Review

The team at North Valley Nursing Center provided outstanding care for my uncle. Their compassion, professionalism, and dedication were truly remarkable. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of top-notch care for their loved ones. Thank you for your exceptional service and support.

Luicelle C.

5-star, Google Review

Amazing nursing staff!

Brenda R.

5-star, Google Review

Excellent rehab facility!!!!

Scott K.

5-star, Google Review

My mother has been at this facility since August. I have to admit I was skeptical because we had a horrible experience at another nursing home. But Amanda, Mayra, Wendy, Natalie, Melissa, Monique, April, and all the CNAs especially Andrew are all wonderful. They are very responsive to my every request. They always work with me to resolve any issues. My mother looks happy and is well cared for. This is not an easy line of work but the staff does their job effortlessly. I am so grateful that I found this facility. The facility is always clean. There are patients whose dementia makes them aggressive, unfortunately. They cannot control their behavior, but they do a good job of monitoring them and moving them if need be. I am not a relative of anyone that works there. My mother has been there since August.


5-star, Yelp Review

The nursing staff here is exemplary. They know their stuff! They take pride in their work and their job and that shows every single day! Thank you Sheryl, Nancy, Rochelle, Cathy, Gabby Ester, and of course Marlene and to the other nurse I can’t remember your names thank you so much. To the CNA’s Angelica, Maria, Arman, Edgardo and all the other CNA’s that took care of my husband as if he were their own family member thank you, you gave me a sense of security that I didn’t always have to worry thank you! To all the custodians who took care of the room and kept it clean thank you. To the laundry person Kevin, thank you for always making sure I was ok. To the grounds keepers you are doing an awesome job keep it up.  To Lisa pt, Carisa and Richard ot, thank you for your hard work and dedication you made a difference in my husbands life! To Roseanne the dietician in the kitchen, thank you for you care and dedication that you show in your prep to meet the needs of all your patients. To Lydia the activity director thank you for providing stimulating activities to your clients you make a difference. To Naga the DOCNA , thank you for you dedication and concern , you are a woman just like me! Lolo To Hrag and Mathew who worked so hard to make this whole thing work. Who had to endure the bureaucracy of kaiser not always giving the info needed to serve the patient, you guys did and awesome job. To all the business staff that I don’t know your names, thank you for always addressing me and giving me that daily smile! And to Dr. D you are awesome, thank you for being there for us and always giving us you honest thoughts on all my questions. Thank you is not enough, please keep up the good work as you are really making a difference in a difficult job!

Nancy A.

Yelp Review

Very pleasant. Considering the circumstances, everyone is very joyful. The food is very tasty. North Valley provided me with 24 hr nursing care and the nurses made sure my needs were met around the clock. I appreciate everyone doing their part to make sure my recovery process was smooth; beginning with my admission process, the continuous nursing care and rehab treatment, to discharge planning. I would recommend North Valley to anyone looking for a facility where their loved one can recover.

June R.

Google Review

My dad been here for 1 year and still here and they really do take care of the their patients and the best thing is they have doctor coming on site 2 times a week. I been to a lot of place to see where is good but they do not have doctor on site. I am very happy that I chose this nursing facility.

Varo M.

Yelp Review

It is never a “good thing” when a loved one is put in a position of needing care and rehabilitation from an ailment you wish never afflicted that loved one. But, we as a family are so grateful to the staff and community at North Valley Skilled Nursing Center. The care, and concern, for our Mother has been nothing short of remarkable. They have helped us through some tremendous challenges as best they can, have been communicative at every level, and have gone above and beyond to make sure that our Mother’s needs in the moment are met. This is a trying time for our family, but we feel thankful that our Mother went to North Valley for her care.

Dennis B.

Google Review

The people at North Valley are one of the most caring, loving and giving people I have met. They treat all their patients like their own and they make sure they provide not only care but also entertainment for their patients. They have great visiting hrs and patio area where you can spend time with your loved one. The building is remodeled and very clean. Most nursing homes I went to prior to this one smelled really bad where I wanted to run out. However North Valley is very clean and smells fresh. The doctors that are associate are also top of the line and highly skilled. I also love the fact that everyone is so diverse there and the staff can speak the language your loved one prefers. All in all I would recommend North Valley to my friends and family.

Elizabeth S.

Yelp Review

The nurses here are very responsive. They are very knowledgeable and caring. Carlos and Lisa from rehab would check my extremities and check my range of motion daily. Yadira from the activity department came to visit me daily. The housekeepers are doing a very good job at keeping the facility clean. North Valley is very clean, the people are helpful and everyone cares, and they all put their heart in what they do. I was able to recover and I’m very grateful for the staff here who I now consider friends.

Chuck B.

Google Review

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